Lauri and Rosanne:  Hawaii Trip   July 2006

Rosanne and I took a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii the summer before she went off to college at Washington State University.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures!

Click on a picture to see a larger version of it.

Rosanne took lots of
pictures of flowers!
At the Honolulu airport
No glass on the windows
Our plane to Kona
Oahu from the air
Another scene of Oahu
Coming to the Big
The airport at Kona
We're here!
Still in the mostly
outdoor airport
The airport is very
open, like huts
Baggage claim
Our rental car! 
A free upgrade!
Our hotel: Outrigger
 Keauhou Beach Resort
Another view
Lots of sea turtles!


Sleepy turtles
Rosanne wth turtles

At the hotel
Ready for vacation
View from our hotel
Another sunset view
 from the hotel
One of many fake piņa 
View this picture larger
to see the mongoose
Plenty of geckos there
We must be in Hawaii!
Ready for snorkeling
We snorkeled here, at
 Kahaluu Beach Park
This park was 
next-door to our hotel
Relaxing in the sun
With our Hawaii hats
In Kona's Farmer's
Trying on a pinapple
One of the
restaurants in Kona
we ate at
White rock "graffiti" 
by the side of the 
Horseback riding in
On the ranch at Kohala Na'alapa Stables
The north end of the
On the beach at
Pololu Lookout
Having a great adventure
The far south end of
the island
The farthest point 
south in the U.S.
Blue water, crashing 
At the airport,
 waiting to board to
go home